An intro to the advertising industry

Advertising is a innovative and fast-paced sector that uses various mass media outlets to motivate people to buy product or service and switch their attitudes.

Advertising doesn’t have to aim only on to convincing persons that they can purchase a specific goods or services but it addittionally aims at raising money for charity, for getting support for political celebrations, or encouraging some activities, for e.g. top rated youth campaigns so that you can address education about aids or drugs . In the current highly competitive world, marketing plays a substantial role. A profession in advertisement could be not only be glamorous but as well very very challenging .There are progressively more agencies opening up every day, today, therefore, there is room for most creative minds.If you have to communicate with and target the mass market be it labels, personalities , companies and even voluntary or religious corporations, all have to work with some or the other type of advertising.

"An excellent basic selling thought, involvement and relevancy, of training course, are as essential as ever, but in the marketing din of today, unless you make yourself noticed and believed, you ain’t got nothing".

Leo Burnett


Advertising isn’t the method of informing but also a means of influencing the commoners ,to get available products or services .The message could be visual or oral. To be able to create recognition in the thoughts of buyers, services or products have to be advertised. And the most commonly used media for for this are newspapers, periodicals, bill-boards, hoardings, T.V., radio, Internet , websites, cell phones etc. Economic liberalization and the changing social developments that are occurring today is making the advertising industry’s growth rapid . Marketing, in its non-industrial guise, is a powerful educational tool capable of reaching and motivating large audiences.

"Advertising and marketing justifies its living when used in the public interest-it is a lot too powerful an instrument to use solely for commercial purposes." Related to Howard Gossage by David Ogilvy.

One of the areas of mass communication,it really is only brand-building, which is the identity of a specific product, service, or organization. A brand can be a name, indication, symbol,color mixture or slogan. When legally guarded , the brand name turns into a trademark,. through very very effective communication. It really is essentially a service industry and forms the basis of marketing since it facilitates in creating demand, presently there by promoting a marketing system and so boosting economic growth.

The salaries which can be acquired in advertisingcan be quite large and when you have the knack for this and the climb for one to reach the very best is gauranteed. It is not only an excellent profession for a creative individual who is more than willing to take care of work-pressure and odd functioning hours.

Today, fresh areas within advertising and marketing are getting up, like Event supervision wherein occasions are marketed, Image management wherein a a particular profile of a person or an organization is projected or Internet marketing has also caused a lot of changes in advertising and marketing as Internet implies that one is catering to a select group of audience rather than a mass crowd etc etc.

Advertising today, handles management of huge national promotions using film, tv set, radio, immediate mail and the press, to tiny advertisements in local papers. With the effect of digital technology, an enormous change has taken place in the world of advertising forcing thoughts to rethink of many more imaginative approaches ,today,for advertising.

The activities within the sector are similarly varied. On the specialized side graphic designing, printing, picture taking and film making,are protected and so far as the business end is concerned they look into general market trends, campaign planning and its management, development of services and its promotion and marketing.

Literature Review

How can you reach to a mass sum of men and women – through Media.

Wth the rise of mass production modern advertising has transformed in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Commercial advertisers simply seek to generate increased intake of their products or services through branding, which is definitely nothing but the repetition of an image or product name to ensure that in the manufacturer gets etched in the thoughts of the consumers. Different types of media are roped directly into deliver these communications, be it traditional press – as newspapers, magazines, tv, radio, outdoor or direct mail; or new press – as websites and texts.

Political parties, interest organizations, religious agencies and governmental firms who spend cash to advertise items other than a consumer product or service are called Non-commercial marketers. Non profit organizations-NGO’s as well use them for settings of persuasion.

In an study in 2007, revenue spent on marketing was estimated at more than $150 billion in the United States and $385 billion worldwide.

"Let advertisers spend the same sum of money improving their product that they carry out on advertising plus they wouldn’t need to advertise it." ~Will Rogers

People living in remote control villages to the ones residing in vast cities are all today under the impact and affect of Advertising. As you employer brochure states, ‘advertising and marketing tries to produce a single minded proposition come alive in a compelling way’.

The advertising industry thus can be seen having these three wide sectors:

  • organisations that buy advertising and marketing;
  • owners of mass media who sell advertising and marketing space/time;
  • and marketing agencies.

Types of advertising

Promotion of a company’s services and products with the only real intention of driving product sales of the product or service building a brand identity thus communicating any new improvements or new product /providers to the clients, is what’s advertising.In the organization world the companies allot a considerable amount of earnings as their advertising finances,since . Advertising has become an essential element of their have to have today.A few of the several known reasons for advertising are:

To Increase the sales of the product/service;

  • To Create and keep maintaining a brand identification or brand image;
  • To Communicate a modification in their existing products;
  • For Introduction of a new product or service;
  • And to improve the buzz-value of their brand .

There are thus different reasons for advertising and different medias through which is often advertised. Various classes or types of advertising are:

Print Media Marketing – in the kind of Newspapers, Magazines, Brochures, Fliers

The print media have always been a very popular medium. newspapers or publications is a common press that is used for advertising over the years-

Newspapers come also daily or weekly, and reachs practically all the reading public, aprox about 85-90 percent of the full total population. It really is difficult to target a particular audience with this press ; however, newspapers work in increasing awareness of a product and services in a particular geographical location. Types of ads put in newspapers include: display ads, classified ads, public notes, and preprinted inserts. They may be flexibile within their size – can be of small container size or whatever take up only a small portion of a page, while others might span one or two full pages but newspaper advertisings can only use limited special results, font size and color. It is not a very expensive sort of advertising in comparison to other medias .The instant turnover of newspapers as well allows the same advertising to get inserted over a number of time in order to attain its target audience.

Magazines can give attention to a specific market. As the tiny Business Administration pointed out in "Advertising Your Business": "Audiences can be reached by placing advertising in magazines that have [a] well-identified geographic, demographic, or lifestyle focus." Magazines allow elaborate images and colours, which give advertisers extra imaginative options than newspapers., it is important to include important product facts to the buyer, such as how the merchandise works, how it benefits the consumer, and where it is usually purchased from. They happen to be more costly form than newspapers but can reach more specific audiences.

Brochures and Fliers could be put in both Newspapers and Mags and so are also not a very expensive mode of advertising but with it you can reach the targeted viewers.


Mailing lists with the names of those people who are most likely to acquire the advertiser’s services or products,can be sent to people with product details. Immediate mail however is not always very cost effective. Business professionals and surveys demonstrate that immediate mail does tend to generate more purchasing responses than does television, and they observe that the products of many smaller businesses are often more suited to a direct mailing campaign than to indirect, image advertising and marketing.

Yellow Pages

The SMALL COMPANY Administration explained in "Advertising Your Organization" a yellow page ad is often utilized to "complement or expand the consequences of advertising put in other media." This ad has permanence and works extremely well to

target a particular geographic area or community. Mostly, a yellow page ad provides consumer whatever facts he needs in order to make a purchase of item desired.

Outdoor Marketing – Billboards, Tradeshows and Events

Avery popular kind of advertising, is Outdoor advertising and marketing .It uses several tools and ways to attract the consumers . Outdoor advertising usually comes in two varieties: billboards and transit posters. It’s mostly or usually used to aid advertisements located in other medias. Client frequently have only fleeting exposure to billboards and transit posters, hence the communications on them have to be brief with the ability to communicate ideas at a glance; for which an efficient use of images and headings are required. Billboard advertising is quite popular It has to be catchy as a way to grab the interest of the passers by. The billboards have to be on signals where there is much visitors and in areas where more crowd . Mobile vans with billboards happen to be also an effective way of advertising.They are often stationed in a single place or be active town.

By Organizing several occasions or sponsoring them makes for an excellent method of advertising thereby showcasing the firms product or services . The company organizes trade fairs, exhibitions and advertises its goods. Or the business can organize several occasions which they are closely connected with , for eg a firm that manufactures athletics utilities can sponsor a sports tournament ,thereby it gets an possibility to advertise its products.

Broadcast advertising – Tv set, Radio , Internet , Cellular phone – Sms

Broadcast advertising – a very popular advertising channel having some branches like television, radio Net and smsing service .

Television advertisements extremely popular ever since they have been introduced, are so right now.It can be very costly though .The price ,however , often will depend on its duration , broadcast time ie prime time/peak time ,which soap or seriel/program, how many times it will be repeated and of course the popularity or rating of the channel on which the advertising will be aired .

The radio today may possess lost its charm but still remains to be the choice of the small-scale advertisers. The radio jingles very popular as an advertising press and also have a large impact on the audience.

Internet advertising can be quite expensive but is catching up right now and a targeted section of the audience could be reached out at.

Also is the case in smsing on the cell phones where it is not so costly and a targeted section of the audience could be reached out at.It really is catching up today.

Covert Advertising – Advertising and marketing in Movies ,Television shows , Soaps etc

Covert advertising is a unique method of advertising where a product or a specific company is incorporated in movies, television shows and even sports. There is absolutely no commercial ad to showcase it however the product is showcased. To mention a few famous examples for this type of advertising and marketing is a Nokia mobile which Tom Cruise uses in the motion picture Minority Statement , or in the movie Matrix Reloaded , Cadillac vehicles are being used etc etc.

Surrogate Advertising – Advertising Indirectly

Surrogate advertising is seen in cases where advertising of a particular product is banned by law for eg smokes or alcohol which will be injurious to heath are prohibited for legal reasons in many countries and therefore these companies need to come up with several other products that may have the same brand and indirectly remind people of the smokes or beer bottles of the same company. For eg Fosters or Kingfisher beer brands, use surrogate advertising.

Public Service Advertising – Marketing for Social Causes

Socially relevant messages about important matters concerning world and social welfare causes like AIDS, energy conservation, political integrity, deforestation, illiteracy, povertyect uses Public support advertising as a method for effective advertising and marketing . David Oglivy who is considered to be among the pioneers of marketing and advertising concepts had reportedly encouraged the consumption of advertising discipline for a social reason. Oglivy once said, "Advertising and marketing justifies its living when used in the general public interest – it really is much too powerful a tool to use exclusively for commercial requirements.". Today public service advertising and marketing is being used many a moments in non-commercial ways in several countries across the globe for promotion of various social causes.

Celebrity Advertising

Many advertisers still take celebrities as they believe that their popularity can help in advertising how to write an exploratory essay their items. Using celebrities to promote involves signing up celebrities for advertising campaigns,appearances , performances etc in all sorts of advertising medias and can be very very expensive.

Eligibility and Reguirement for the Lessons Area in this Field

Educational requirements for recruitment for prospects is a formal management or advertising/mass connection qualification and Desire is directed at qualified MBA’s for posts available in the market research department , media setting up departments and customer servicing departments too.

As significantly as the creative department is concerned, an ordinary BA with a control of and over the terminology of connection with an knowledge of designing packages and pc images like Photoshop, coral draw or fine arts is essential.

Specialised courses in advertising and marketing/mass conversation at diploma level and content graduate levels are available for which you must be a graduate. Advertising can be offered as a topic in many graduate degree courses like mass communication in some institutions that a 10+2 is necessary. In addition to these additionally, there are certificate courses for which a 10+2 is necessary.

Personal attributes to make an effective career in this discipline will be creativity , flair for writing or ability to translate ideas into a visual format .An insight in to the interests of men and women from all walks of lifestyle, ability to work as part of team,team sprit, mental and physical toughness to get handle high pressure along with criticism, friendly ,sociable with relaxed temperament certainly are a must. To be in Market and media analysis field you should have an analytical and logical mind. Those employed in the creative field should have artistic abilities whereby they can make the ads appear appealing to the masses.

"Advertising is usually speech. It’s regulated because it’s often effective speech. "

Jef I. Richards

Career Prospects

Advertising field offers a variety of lucrative, interesting professions. The jobs in this field can be of two types , executive and creative.

The executive section understands client demands, find home based business along with retaining existing business, selects the appropriate media, analyses timing and keeping advertisements and negotiate the economical aspects of the deal.

Executive side-

Client Servicing

Media Research

Market Research

Creative division creates the advertisement duplicate. They verbalises and visualises the precise need of your client.

As ad movies are also part of film making career options of film are linked to this field.

Creative side –






Future Prospects

Career opportunities in marketing include openings in individual advertising agencies; advertising department in private or public sector companies; in marketing sections of newspapers, journals, magazines; commercial portion of radio or television; general market how to write a history research paper trends organisations etc. One can also do freelancing.

Alternative Career Paths

The actions today within the marketing industry are varied. They don’t really simply want to convince people to get goods or services but want to raise money for charity, get active support for political parties, etc . on the technological side they cover graphical design, printing, picture taking and film building. At the business end they involve general market trends, campaign planning and supervision, new product development, revenue promotion and direct advertising.

What is the kind of work can one do here ?

There happen to be 3 types of fields to look at the job options here –

In Advertising –

Professionals are often employed in advertising agencies. They ingest specialists from diverse disciplines like marketing, digital, design, branding, immediate advertising and PR, where their do the job often includes:

creating and managing integrated advertising campaigns;

client and provider liaison;

planning, research and evaluation;

new business development.

In Marketing –

It is certainly all ‘in-house’ and can, therefore, exclusively cope with one organisation’s marketing – generally incorporating advertising and in some cases PR. The work includes:



media relations;

product development;


market research.

In PR –

Opportunities exist ‘in-residence’ or in consultancies/companies and the task activities include:

interacting with the press;

writing and editing;

planning, research and analysis;

event management.

The PR sector likewise looks into Public affairs and lobbying which involves persuading policy makers and/or conveying particular viewpoints to influential persons like MPs.

What’s it like working in this industry?

Its fast, exciting, progressive, highly innovative and varied but stressful as you have to meet tight deadlines under large amount of pressure.

depending after the specialism, degree of experience and geographical area, Salaries vary .

Senior positions command an extremely high salary.

Working hours – long , irregular

Building and maintaining associations is important consequently Networking and socialising with clientele very crucial.

the gender split in ratio is normally 51.9% male and 48.1%

female employees.

at senior management level ,83.8% male and 16.2% female personnel ratio is found (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) , 2008).

more women of all ages work within marketing and PR departments

Men occupy senior management posts.

Advertising is a industry

nearly half of employees in this sector are aged under 30 (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA), 2008).

Impacts of Advertising

A fiercely mooted issue today , Advertising has many confident ,negative, social,cultural, moral , religious and monetary impacts on our world.

For eg to mention a few , advertising and marketing when looked upon as a public welfare is a confident social impression whereas exposing women as sex tools has unfavorable sides to it. So far as economic factors are worried, the major examples will be funding for the press and stimulating a dynamic and competitive economy.

The chief unfavorable judgment for advertising is that it comples the people to buy products they are not really needing. It takes on with human thoughts encouraging people’s thinking that buying and spending will be the ways of living.

Advertisers also think that there are great impacts of marketing on our contemporary society and cultural too .Put simply, it also functions as an educator and educates persons about what is good and what’s harmful to them and can help in putting an end to the harmful items and practices like smoking ,drinking,drugs ,free sex etc.

Advertising, provides income for commercial mediums like the numerous kinds of media, including newspapers, tv and radio which would never be so solid had it not really been for these advertisings .

The biggest economic negative aspect of advertising is certainly that it boosts up the price of goods and services,which have to be paid out by the buyers.

The impact of advertising and marketing on our society,can to some extent be seen in a jumble kind, depending on the capabilities and implementations of several campaigns.contemporary society and the marketing of many products depend heavily after advertising. The companies have become so dependent on advertising that possibly its negative impacts can’t ever outweigh the countless positive social and economical effects it could have.

a) Economic Great things about Advertising

Advertising can play an essential role in the process by which an monetary program guided by moral norms and responsive to the common good contributes to human development. Its consequently simple to say then that advertising can be a useful software for sustaining genuine and ethically sensible competition that contributes to financial growth in the assistance of genuine human development.

Advertising informs people about the availability of rationally desirable new products and improvements in existing kinds, helping them to make informed, prudent consumer decisions, contributing to proficiency and the decreasing of prices, and stimulating monetary progress through the growth of business and trade. this produces new jobs, higher incomes and a far more decent and humane life-style for all. It also helps pay for publications, programming and productions.

But along with helping and assisting the performing of the democratic process, advertising can obstruct it too. for example, the expenses of advertising and marketing limit political competition to wealthy candidates or teams, or need that office-seekers compromise their integrity and independence by over-dependence on special pursuits for funds.

"Advertising is a valuable economic factor because it is the cheapest method of selling goods, particularly if the goods are worthless. "Sinclair Lewis (1885 – 1951)

b) Benefits of Political Advertising

Political advertising can make a contribution to democracys. political advertising might help politicians and parties by informing people about the ideas and guidelines of celebrations and candidates,also incorporating new prospects not previously recognized to the public.

Along with helping it could obstruct it too. for instance, advertising costs can limit political competition to rich candidates or groups

Such obstruction is there when instead of being truly a vehicle for genuine expositions of candidates’ views and records, political advertising seeks to distort the opinions and records of opponents and unjustly episodes their reputations.

c) Cultural Benefits of Advertising

media depends upon advertising because of its revenue, thus the effect advertising has can be quite a positive affect on decisions about media content. This they perform by supporting materials of superb intellectual, aesthetic and moral quality offered the public interest because ; advertising can contribute to the betterment of culture by uplifting and inspiring persons and motivating them to act in ways that benefitentire contemporary society. lives simply could be brighten by ads becoming witty, tasteful and amusing.On the other hand Advertising can also have a corrupting impact after culture and cultural values.for eg just how advertising treats women; in a frequent, deplorable abuse.

d) Moral and Spiritual Benefits of Advertising

Today many benevolent sociable institutions, largely of a religious characteristics, use advertising and marketing to communicate their messages – of faith, of patriotism, of tolerance, compassion and neighborly provider, of charity toward the needy, messages concerning health and education, constructive and useful communications that educate and motivate people in a number of beneficial ways. Ads could be morally uplifting, but may also be vulgar and morally degrading. Mainly and deliberately they charm to motives such as envy, status in search of and lust. Plus some advertisers consciously consider shocking and titillating by exploiting advertisings of a morbid, perverse, also to some extent even of pornographic character.Some religious organizations also use ads to mention certain messages to teams or community.

The shortcomings of Advertising

Billions of dollars every year are spent by Businesses on the advertisements; some become great hits while some are useless failures. across the globe these businesses strive hard to gain very good respect in markets, but many goof-ups are created , taking to light the negative effects of advertising, which can only help broaden our horizons on taking some decisions towards advertising soon :

HIDDEN COSTS are generally involved, even after proper planning and implementation that will shed pockets deep as Advertising and marketing, costs companies’ lots of money . So when you buy a product, you do not only pay for the merchandise. There are numerous expenses already incorporated with it .

Some companies make fake claims to the clients, which in the beginning, sounds good but later on gives incorrect impression to the consumers.

Companies give different images and false claims to market their products and people start off believing in them blindly. With passage of time people get addicted which in turn may lead to Sociable DISCRIMINATION and insecurity especially in the younger generation.

Advertisers always look for a particular audience to cater to. their ads will be aired on a specified channel or a method, catering to a particular age group of individuals. So often we recognize our entertainment schedule going for a toss because we look at long and boring professional breaks.

the major negative effects of advertising is the LOSS OF CREATIVITY. Advertisers look only at selling their products in a manner where it sounds gorgeous to the buyer. The actual fine art of selling the merchandise is rarely seen or within the present day marketing strategies


The blame isn’t just on the advertising authorities ,but on all persons involved ,who are worried of selling their items anyhow. The advertisements, they have lost their way somewhere due to temptations to give lesser work. Advertisements are truly said to be for the consumers to understand the product well instead of luring them in to buying it.

"Advertising may be the art of convincing persons to spend money they don’t have for something they don’t really need." Will Rogers quotes (American entertainer, well-known for his pithy and homespun humour, 1879-1935)

There is nothing entirely good or completely terrible about advertising. It really is nothing but a tool, an instrument:which can be utilised well, and used badly.

It mostly does have, beneficial results such as those just described, in addition, it can, and often does, have a negative, harmful impact on somebody’s life and society.

Communio et Progressio has this summary statement of the trouble: "If damaging or utterly useless products are touted to the general public, if false assertions are created about goods on the market, if less than admirable human tendencies will be exploited, those in charge of such advertising harm society and forfeit their very good name and credibility. More than this, unremitting pressure to get articles of extravagance can arouse false wants that hurt both people and family members by making them disregard what they really need. And those kinds of marketing which, without shame, exploit the sexual instincts only to generate income or which find to penetrate in to the subconscious recesses of your brain in a way that threatens the flexibility of the individual … must be shunned."13

"What is the difference between unethical and ethical advertising? Unethical advertising uses falsehoods to deceive the public; ethical advertising uses fact to deceive the general public."

Vilhjalmur Stefansson (1879 – 1962), "Discovery", 1964

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