Case Study Punjabi NATURALLY Marketing Essay

Case Study Punjabi NATURALLY Marketing Essay


Punjabi By Nature will be a Traditional Punjabi Food cafe and Bar based in the Southall, London UK. Punjabi naturally will serve traditional authentic Punjabi food to famous brands Locals & Business & Leisure Tourists. The motivation because of this business is the maximum Punjabi communities and Indian populace surviving in London and Southall town. The Southall town is nearby the Heathrow airport and lots of Asian communities living now there because Southall established fact as mini Punjab (INDIA), Peoples from Punjabi backgrounds coming from other places of UK & from countries like India, Canada, Australia & US haven’t any choice but to consume at places like McDonald’s & Pizza Hut for the reason that other small restaurants in the neighborhood lingo are not providing hygienic & high-quality Punjabi food. In abroad the Asian and Punjabi community like tourist and overseas students really wants to eat the original Punjabi food and it’s a dream to allow them to eat the original Punjabi food in abroad countries. In Punjabi naturally will be divided into two parts one particular is proper sitting restaurant. Interior of the cafe will be proper classic way beginning with spoons to all the laundry, tables, clothes, interior adornments and colours. Since when the costumers enter our restaurant they’ll feel as if they are in the Punjab. Another place for having liquor and some situations for entertainment like Punjabi occurrences Bhangra, Gidda for Punjabi feel. Nevertheless, the ambience of tradition & tradition will become of particular importance to the look of the restaurant & just how we present our business. No half procedures will be studied to ensure the quality of the servings. The Menu includes both vegetarian & non-vegetarian items like the very renowned dishes just like the poultry Tikka, The curry’s (vegetarian & non-vegetarian), Lassi (a drink crafted from yogurt) & the very classic Makki Di Roti & Sarso da saag. Gradually attempts will be made to start branches in the city centre’s and nearer to native airports in the leading towns’ and metropolitan areas in UK like, Bradford, Birmingham, and Manchester.

Aim, Scope and Objectives

The Goal of the ‘Punjabi by dynamics’ is to become regionally prominent quality traditional Punjabi food cafe & Bar. The scope of the Punjabi Restaurant is based on our mission that every employee strives to supply 100 percent customer satisfaction- for each and every customer- every visit. This includes fast, friendly and attentive service, accuracy in order acquiring and filling, and anticipation of customer’s desires and the scope of cafe are likewise the Punjabi communities living in London and persons who arrive to London to see Southall which is recognized as mini Punjab. There are many restaurants in Southall possibly then it will be a most popular cafe & Bar because of its services like: parking place, a range of quality foodstuff, Punjabi environment, royalty cards, culture events and primary thing is usually membership cards. The targets of the restaurant and bar will be as below:

To provide better quality food

To provide better ambience

To provide better traditions of Punjab this will reflect in its foodstuff.

To provide better sitting arrangements for singles, households and drinkers.

To provide distinct Music themes and situations for each weekends.

Definitions and project existence cycle

Every program, job, or product has certain phase of expansion know as life-routine phases. A clear understanding of these phases permits managers and executives to raised control resources to accomplish goals. Today thesis generator free, there is absolutely no agreement among industries, and even businesses within the same market, about the life-routine phases of a job. This is understandable due to the complex character and diversity of task. The theoretical definitions of the life-cycle phases of a system can be applied to a project. This phases incorporate: conceptual, planning, testing, implementation and closure.

Work Breakdown Structure



































Gantt chart

Findings: Business case

The result in to initiating a project is identifying a business problem or opportunity to be addressed. A business case is created to define the problem or opportunity at length and identify a favored solution for implementation. The business case includes:

A detailed information of the challenge or opportunity

A list of the choice solutions available

An analysis of the business benefits, cost hazards and issues

A information of the favored solution

A summarized plan for implementation.

The business case is then simply approved by an discovered project sponsor, and the required funding is allocated to proceed with a feasibility research.


Near to the community biggest airport

It is in the famous place of London

Main human population is Punjabi close to the restaurant

Punjabi celebrities wish to have foodstuff in Punjabi restaurant


No previous encounter in the restaurant sector.

The opponents are Haveli, Moti-Mahal, Chandni Chowk and Chindi Cor.

Easy availability of fast food from Global cafe chains like the local take away, KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, & burger king.

The time factor is certainly big with today’s customers. Customers don’t have a time to wait till the food cooked.

Target market:

The marketplace is both domestic & foreign tourists, international learners and the local people. Our target will be to encourage local persons towards the Punjabi cuisines and Punjabi lifestyle about which they aren’t conscious. Among the domestic vacationers & the locals, mostly people with family members are our market who would like to introduce their children to the proper culture & tradition of the region. The food made in city households can be a type of fusion between Indian & western cuisine because of time restraints, so persons depend upon restaurants in metropolis to obtain a proper taste of the traditional local food. Also people of Local origin via western universe countries are forced to take their kids to places like McDonalds because there is no better substitute. Another significant segment of our customer base will be events like marriages & other celebrations where we can source our cuisines. We will steadily consider this segment of our clients once we are on our way.


Our Main Suppliers will be localized supermarkets like Tosco, Asda, Morrisons etc a good source to ensure quality vegetables & spices. Punjab is well-known for high-quality spices so we will import spice from presently there. Particular emphasis will end up being laid on establishing good a relation with the suppliers as they are essential for our long-term success & continuous growth in the market.


According to David A good. Kirby (2003) ‘Promotion is essential for each new business’. The most effective promotion is word-of-oral cavity (Kirby, A.D., 2003). But as a fresh business we can’t afford to rely only on this function of advertisement. We will use other modes like native newspapers, radio, local Television adds, ads in magazines, posters at university , websites, privilege cards, low cost vouchers, special discounts for students, Free House delivery promptly, fliers etc

This marketing strategy may not prove beneficial in the initial stages because of dollars restraints because our indirect rivals i actually.e. the fast food chains pursue an extremely aggressive advertisement strategy & almost all of the people probably know the menu’s of the fast food chains by heart and soul. But we don’t have to worry here because our customers will be familiar with our menu as they might have eaten all the traditional cuisines before. Additionally it is vital that you emphasize here that after we are founded we will start to offer a more different menu i.e. it’ll be a fusion of traditional dishes. The quality recipes for such meals will be obtained from the UK by the entrepreneur himself & the other versions of such dishes obtainable in Australia & Canada will come to be acquired through friends & family members. For example here the traditional chicken biryani made of rice & chicken is cooked differently with some varied ingredients. A very significant to help in spanish approach of ours will be to advertise our classic dance performing groups known as the Bhangra & Giddha organizations. We aim to attract a significant portion of the neighborhood & international vacationers by the method of this cultural & classic showcase of our like for celebrating lifestyle & enjoying very good Desi or traditional foodstuff. As our restaurant is a family group and bar established venture. We ought to take alcohol license it’ll be necessary. Furthermore workers will be asked to wear traditional dresses so as to add to the experience of the cultural environment.


An average food for a family group of four members will cost between £ 30 to £ 35.

Future Vision-

We will improve our target market.

We will expand everywhere in UK.

Promotion of Punjabi cuisine together with culture.

We will upgrade our menu time to time.


First we need a major place will come to be leased where the entrepreneur has decided to construct the cafe. The cafe will acquire approx. 1500 to 2000 square foot and will accommodate approx. 40-50 paxs tables. The premises will have with safety equipments like fire extinguishers, smoke cigarettes detectors & CCTV. Various food preparation utensils, refrigerators, electronic digital tandoor, burners, crockery & cutlery, microwaves, grills, grinders & mixers & ovens will also be bought.


Businesses of complex dynamics can not be run single handily. Folks of key importance will be first of all our financers i actually.e. our family & the bank. The bank is very important as the entrepreneur can’t raise all the funds expected by himself or through his family. The business may also require two regular trained & skilled managers along with two in your free time managers for support. One member of the entrepreneur’s family will be present at the cafe to keep an eye on the operations. An employee of 06 attainders & one mind chef alongside three associate chefs will also be hired. Just about the most significant people would be the interior artist & the architect of the restaurant who will have the ability to put the entrepreneur’s eyesight to reality by giving a traditional & ethnic look to the restaurant both inside & the outside. To realise among the most crucial marketing strategies i.e. to have live folk dance performances every weekend, an event managers services may also be hired. All the food products will be checked by the entrepreneur himself to ensure quality.


Start-up Summary (all statistics in GBP)

Construction costs including interior patterns & safety equipment


Seating chairs & tables


Kitchen equipment & utensils


Promotional activities


Staff remuneration (every month)


Staff dresses


Insurance (on a monthly basis)






Total start-up Expenses


Investment (all numbers in GBP)

Investors –



Bank Loan


Total Investment


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