The Italian Grand Prix

Known as Gran Premio d’Italia in the country’s mother tongue, this is, arguably, the most prestigious Formula One event, rivalled only by the racing at Silverstone in terms of interest and clout for the victors. It’s also the only other Grand Prix of the Formula One World Championship to be continuously contested since the tournament’s inception in 1950. Even the Grand Prix events in Belgium and Monaco have missed seasons before.

Grand Prix

Chocks Away

All the Formula One Grand Prix events occur at Monza, the famous racetrack with a reputation for fiendish track design. It’s tested the wits, reflexes, and concentration of all the best drivers ever to have come through the halls of international motorsport and remains one of the most glorious victories a race team can ever hope to achieve.

La Bella Italia

Every year, the action heats up as fans clamour to see which intrepid motorist will end the tournament in pole position. Last year, it was Lewis Hamilton driving for Mercedes who took home the top accolade. However, despite enjoying the form of his life right now, it remains to be seen if he has what it takes at the Grand Prix in Italy 2018 to equal Michael Schumacher’s record total of five trophies at the event.

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